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2022 marked a shift back to a more “normal” lifestyle and a return to life pre-pandemic. It was also an important year for fundraising, with the revival of in-person fundraising events, peer-to-peer meetings, and stewardship activities. Even though some of the pandemic-era habits may still linger into 2023, 2022 was a huge step forward.

Nonprofits are essential, as they provide services, empower communities, and support those in need. Every nonprofit is distinct, yet all have the same goal of improving their communities. To be relevant and make a more significant impact, keeping up with the changes influencing fundraising is a necessity for nonprofits. Staying informed of the latest nonprofit fundraising trends can help an organization remain current and support overall growth. As the year comes to a close, here are the top three trends that will be beneficial to nonprofits in 2023.

Flexible Giving Options

The rise of flexible giving and participation options in 2023 will be a huge trend. The pandemic forced businesses to rethink how they interact with their donors. Donors now expect to be able to give in various ways; by establishing online giving options, nonprofits can accommodate donors’ needs and provide a more comfortable experience for them. This way, donors can support the cause in various ways from the convenience of their homes. By implementing flexible giving options into your fundraising strategy, you have the potential to draw in more generous donors and reach new supporters. Hybrid fundraisers, which combine online and in-person fundraising, allow nonprofits to appeal to a wide variety of people, making them one of the leading fundraising trends for 2023!

Focus on Donor Retention

Acquiring donors can be a costly process. Unfortunately, approximately 70% of donors only give to an organization once, leaving nonprofits with a negative return on their initial investment in first-time donors. However, it is much easier and more cost-effective to encourage individuals to give again who have already done so. Utilizing the right tools to ensure donors have easy access to all the necessary information is critical to remove any obstacles they may face when considering making a donation. Building and maintaining solid relationships with donors is key to donor retention, as it will make them feel valued and appreciated. Cultivating authentic connections and investing in long-term relationships with donors will help to increase donor retention and guarantee fundraising success.

Recurring Giving Programs

In 2023, monthly giving programs should be a priority for fundraisers, as it is more financially impactful and easier to manage than individual appeals. Moreover, monthly giving programs are becoming increasingly popular amongst younger donors, providing nonprofits with predictable and sustainable revenue. Additionally, recurring giving is an excellent way to build a connection with the next generation of donors. In the past few years, fundraising events have evolved from in-person to hybrid, and we have seen significant growth in online fundraising revenue. For nonprofits to remain successful in this ever-changing field, they must be adaptable and open to change. It is essential to be aware of these 2023 trends to stay ahead of the curve and not remain behind. Now is the time to prepare for the future!