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The rise of podcasts has allowed individuals and organizations to connect with the world. For many people, including philanthropists and social activists, these platforms are also a way to learn new skills and improve their knowledge. For nonprofits, these podcasts are a great way to connect with their followers.

Luckily, there are plenty of podcasts for nonprofit professionals. In this blog are some of the best of the best philanthropy-based podcasts that will help you grow and inspire.

The Good to Growth Podcast

The Good to Growth Podcast is a variety of topics that focus on the nonprofit world. It features interviews with prominent thought leaders, breaking down data, and discussing management strategies. Host Katie Appold, the executive director of Nonprofit Hub, also talks about how organizations can transform their operations.

Successful Nonprofits Podcast

The Successful Nonprofits podcast, hosted by Dolph Goldenburg, is focused on topics such as managing your organization’s risk, utilizing social media, and using your board most effectively. Each episode features a different expert. The show also covers other topics, such as promoting diversity and inclusion, mergers, and crypto philanthropy.

Tiny Spark

The goal of Tiny Spark is to take a hard look at the operations of doing good. It features interviews with prominent individuals and organizations and covers various topics such as international aid, philanthropy, and development. Host Amy Costello provides insight into the unintended consequences of charitable or philanthropic activities. The best topics the show covers include climate justice, health equity, and food rescue heroes.

The Business of Giving

Over the course of his 40-year career in philanthropy, Frederick has interviewed various prominent individuals and organizations. He aims to find possible solutions to today’s most challenging social issues, such as global poverty and education. Each week, he interviews entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and social entrepreneurs who are leading the way in making a difference.

The Impact Boom Podcast

Impact Boom’s goal is to provide various inspirational and informative programs that help boost the social impact of organizations. Through its podcast, the company aims to connect with prominent individuals and organizations to find ways to improve the operations of their organizations. Each episode is around 25 minutes long and features interviews with different experts.